Saturday Sex Tip

Want to surprise him (or her) and get him in the mood to be romantic?  Get a very, very soft feather (most sex toy shops sell them) or you can use one of those fake boa feathers at costume shops (and it can do double-duty for some role-playing dress up another time).

When you both get into bed, tell your partner you have a little surprise for him.  Tie a soft silk scarf around his eyes, then slowly undress him (if he’s got anything on to begin with:-).

Lay him on his stomach first, and tell him not to speak at all, then starting with his head, gently and very lightly caress him with the feather.  Don’t talk at all – just let him (and you) experience the sensation through touch.  Gradually work your way down his body, and then turn him over and do the other side.

By the time you’re done with his feet, he’ll be really ready to get at you.  And you’ll be ready too!

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