Saturday Sex Tip

Get ready to give your partner the most unusual and sensual massage ever!!

First, get a good body oil – pick something that has an enticing smell – not too overpowering.  Get a plastic sheet and a soft old sheet you don’t mind getting oil all over.

Make your bed with the plastic then the old soft sheet.

Have your partner lie down on his or her back.  Using your hands, (this is the only time you will) slowly rub the oil all over his body, from the neck down to the toes.  When he’s all covered and slippery, take off all your clothes, and start the massage using only your body, NO HANDS.  You can use your arms, your legs, your feet, definitely your chest and butt, and slither yourself all over him.

The most important thing about this massage is to take your time.  Linger over special parts of him you know are especially sensitive.  When you’ve finished his front, have his turn over and do the other side.  Really let yourself get creative with how you do this.  Ideally, this whole process should take about an hour.

When it’s all done, you can take a shower together but don’t have sex.  Make yourselves wait till the next morning, and by then you’ll both really be wanting it and it should be great:-)

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