Lazy Sunday

Try something that’s the complete opposite of what you normally do on a Sunday.  If your Sundays are typically up at 6, on the trail by 6:30 for a brisk 5-7 mile hike, then a healthy cafe for a green juice fresh-made smoothie, switch it around.

Sleep in till 8, or be really decadent and sleep till 9!  Get up, make yourself a yummy breakfast of eggs, toast and jam, and fresh-brewed coffee.  Or if you’re feeling especially devilish, try pancakes and hot chocolate. Start reading that racy novel or best-selling mystery or crime thriller you’ve been wanting to find time for.

If Sundays usually start with struggling to get up by 9, then lounging around in robe and slippers while you browse through the New York Times, change it up by rising at 6, doing some stretches then heading out for a bike ride at the beach (you can rent one pretty cheap if you don’t have a bike).  Then stop at one of those great sidewalk cafes and order homemade oatmeal with fresh berries and nuts, and green tea.  Get a head start on your Christmas list or your next vacation plans.

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