Saturday Sex Tip

Set up a treasure hunt!

You’ll need to plan ahead but it’ll be worth it.

Pick a place like a park or pretty open space not too far from your home.  Prepare 8-10 items of yours your partner will recognize – a piece of sexy lingerie, a bottle of your perfume,some things from your kitchen like a special apron you wear, a book that you’re reading.

Park and have your partner wait in the car for 10 minutes while you hide the items (under a bush, behind a tree).  Be sure to write down where you’re hiding things so you can find them later if he can’t).

Then get your partner and let him (or her) head out to gather as many items as he can find.  Set a time limit – 30 – 45 minutes.  Head home and count up the items he’s found.  For each item, he gets to pick one sexual thing he enjoys and you have to do it for him.

A fun treasure hunt and you’re the treasure!

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