Saturday Sex Tip

Try playing with your food.

Put together a plate of 4 or 5 tasty foods your partner likes.  Make sure they not only taste different but have different textures.

Smooth and juicy pear, soft baguette center dipped in olive oil, whipped cream cheese.

Undress your partner and blindfold him (or her) unless he or she can be trusted not to peek.

Seat him comfortably and give him a small bite of the first food.  Then take that food and teasingly rub it over a body part.  You can tickle his arm lightly with the whipped cream cheese or spread the olive oil and bread on his stomach.

After each application you can slowly lick the food off.

Feed him

spread the food over a body part

Lick the food off

You’ll both be wanting to do more than nibble by the time your food is gone 🙂

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