Motivational Monday – Health and Fitness

Try to find a quiet place where you can be alone and do a different kind of meditation.  Instead of having a word you repeat over and over, you’re going to decide on a person who has been important in your life.  Then get into a comfortable position, close your eyes, and picture that person.  See each detail of that person’s face, the eyes, the smile, the teeth, the hair and so on.  Spend a good amount of time just seeing each feature, noticing everything you can about it, before moving on to the next one. This process should take you 30 minutes.  Try not to think about anything else during this time, just observing all the parts of that person’s face. Not only should you feel relaxed and calm when you open your eyes, but you will probably feel lots of warm feelings about that person.  These positive feelings usually carry over for your whole day or more.

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