Saturday Sex Tip

Try some fancy footwork. Spend an hour focusing all your attention on your partner’s feet.
You can partially fill the tub and have your partner sit on the side and soak his/her feet in water up to the ankle. You can put some nice bubble bath in and use some lovely scented soap to wash his/her feet with. After you dry them, take your partner into the bedroom or living room and have them lie down. Put a towel under their feet and then use some soothing body butter or oil and massage their feet slowly. Rub each toe, and each part of each foot. Play some relaxing music softly in the background while you give this very sensual foot massage.
Even though it’s tempting to move up the leg, don’t. Just stick to the feet. When you’re done, resist the urge that you both may have to have sex. Wait at least a few hours to give yourselves time to anticipate it. It will be much better when you finally get together.

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