Art Imitating Life or the Other Way Around?

imagesI saw a very lovely movie Sunday night – 5 to 7 – written and directed by Victor Levin.  In addition to being really well-written (always a joy to a fellow writer) it was a very interesting and somewhat personal movie for me.

The plot is about a beautiful french ex-model married to a diplomat living in New York who meets a struggling 25 year old writer when both are out on the street taking a smoking break.  It’s love at first sight, and they begin an affair.  The twist is that the model and her husband have a very french arrangement – they are free to sleep with others, but only between 5 and 7 every day.  

I won’t tell you the whole story, as I do recommend this movie and hope you’ll see it.  However, it brings up so many topics that are part of my book, Sizzle.  She is 33 and he is 25.  She is French and he is American.  She is married and he is not.  The difficulty he has about cultural values and what is right and what is wrong are drawn along clear lines.  Americans are still very uptight.

While I don’t advocate having affairs, I do think that letting yourself be open to finding a satisfying relationship wherever it may come from is very healthy and definitely leads to more opportunities for happiness.  

ProposalWhat do you think?  Have you ever been with an older woman or a younger man?  Did looks from strangers bother you?  What about your family’s reaction?  I’d love to know what you think.  

One thought on “Art Imitating Life or the Other Way Around?

  1. My husband is nine years younger than me. It’s never been a problem either with us or our families because we’re both on the same wavelength, living-wise. Our ages were actually the least of our differences to overcome. Ageism needs to disappear in relationships. We’re all just people hoping for a compatible partner. I’m glad I found mine, even if he does have less gray hair than me these days. Hur!


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