Is it Going to be Women Against Men in an Apocalyptic Future?

imgresI saw Mad Max tonight and it started me thinking.  If we destroy our world as we know it (which unfortunately seems like a possibility), what would the future hold?  Clearly, it would be very bleak.  No trees, no grass, no flowers.  Buildings and cars would be gone (except for the strange creations made from left-over spare parts such as those in the movies).

All the things that give us our leisure time activities – sports, museums, movies, even dating sites and smart phones – all these trappings of our current civilization would be gone.  That means we would have to figure out other ways to survive and get along. 

Since we have all these toys, luxuries, necessities, and can’t seem to get along, I’m not really sure how we would manage with nothing.

One scenario is that some people would become the leaders (good or bad) and everyone else would just struggle to stay alive (kind of like now).  Would leaders evolve based on racial lines?  Blacks against whites, or all people of color against whites?  Or perhaps the division would be based on age.  Maybe all those under 30 would line up with each other, and all those over 30 would be in a separate group.  The younger ones might be in charge cause they are healthier but then again the older ones have more experience and knowledge and (maybe) wisdom.  Then it might end up being divided based on gender.  All men on one side, probably ruling the world as they have managed to do throughout much of millennium using brute strength and domination, but perhaps women might stand a better shot at world domination this time around.  images-1

Charlize Theron clearly isn’t taking any nonsense from any man.  It seems she’s learned her lesson and knows how to take care of herself and run things.  Maybe there are lots of women who have picked up a thing or two along the way and despite some hard knocks aren’t afraid to stand up and be in charge now.  Yes it is probably still scary, and most men certainly won’t like it, but isn’t it time for women to start pleasing themselves instead of worrying about trying to please a man? 

I think it’s very interesting that the movie has such a strong woman as the star (along with Tom Hardy, who is quite charming despite wearing a horrible face clamp/mask and being stabbed with multiple spikes and knives and spears etc.)  Clearly this year has seen some women in the forefront, not only starring but also finally starting to direct (Fifty Shades of Grey and a few others,) but not nearly enough.  At least there is discussion about this being a problem, and a consensus that something needs to be done about it. 

When I was writing Sizzle, I wanted to make my main character capable of strength even thought she was feeling so powerless in most of her life.  Her use of sex as a means of gaining some control (while dysfunctional behavior) did give her a sense of power.  Many women I have spoken with have told me they felt uncomfortableimages with a woman having sexual power, over herself and especially over men.  But isn’t that just the reverse of how men have handled things since the beginning of time? 

Right now we can’t know what would happen if we do mostly destroy our world as we know it today.  Hopefully we won’t ever have to find out.  But we can start to change the way we function in our world and stop waiting for others to give things to us – we can start making things happen for ourselves.  Go Charlize!

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