Something New

Plan a day of trying out new foods you haven’t had before. Try and pick a type of food, such as Thai, or Ethiopian, and then plan some different menus for a day – things that are easy to make … Continue reading

Motivational Monday

Plant something. If you have always wanted fresh veggies, get some small plants or seeds if you’re brave and find the right place in your yard and get them it. If you don’t have a yard or enough space, try … Continue reading

Happy Holidays

On this Christmas Day, I’d like to take a moment and thank all my followers who are coming along on this journey or blogging with me.  I’d also like to wish you all a truly Merry Christmas and Happy New … Continue reading

Quote of the Day

I reached for my flashlight and shone it on his cock.  “There, that’s better. I want to see where I’m going.”  I looked up at his face and it really was transformed from the Fred I knew.  The naive  and cheerful … Continue reading

Lazy Sunday

Get out of your comfort zone for a few hours o your lazy Sunday.  Buy a book (or get one from the library) that is something you would normally never read.  If you love fiction novels, try one of the self-help … Continue reading

Tuesday quote of the day

“No, I live in Germany.  I’ve just been here for three months doing an internship with the German consulate’s office.”  The tone was husky, deep in the throat, and came slowly swirling out like the steam from a big cup … Continue reading

The Sizzle Video

I’m very excited to be writing my first blog, and to see what interactions this leads to.  I’m posting my video, Sizzle which should give a hint of an idea about my book, Sizzle.  I’d like everyone to know that the book is about so much more than just sex (although sex is great all by itself :-)).  There are many layers to be lifted and each reader can decide for herself how many she wants to explore.

I hope everyone will take a look at the video and let me know what you think!

Happy thoughts