Mackenzie Stark never intended to push the boundaries of acceptable sexual and social mores by becoming involved with a man half her age.

Flying to Europe to visit her daughter, Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 11.28.34 AMshe doesn’t expect to be achingly drawn to the brooding German man, young enough to be her son, who sits down beside her. He’s returning to Berlin after completing a legal internship in L.A. His apparent lack of interest does not fool her. Mackenzie can feel the heat pulsing out at her from deep inside him. She is pulled in, and can’t let go. His longing, although always veiled, comes through in his letters and calls over the next year, and she must go back and see where this will take her.

The seductive dance of the three days she spends with him, ending in a night of abandoned passion and fire, rips her fears apart and shakes her soul. Her world is thrown into chaos, and she returns home to try and sort out what has happened and what she must now do. She begins a journal of her life at her therapist’s request, and it draws her back into her turbulent childhood and her many shocking and insatiable teenage sexual experiences. We savor her explicit sexuality, her seductive sensuality, her willingness to open herself up to the unknown. In the process, she will begin to finally learn who she is and what it means to be a fulfilled woman.

Now available on Amazon.

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