Quote of the day

“In trying to understand my attraction to sex, I’ve come to realize that in addition to control and paradoxically, lack of control, sex has given me tremendous power.” Sizzlethebook.com

Saturday Sex Tip

Find 3 or 4 photos of yourself as a teenager.  Then find a few of your partner.  Take about 15 – 30 minutes and write out a script for both of you as those teenagers.  Start out with a first … Continue reading

Quote of the Day

I reached for my flashlight and shone it on his cock.  “There, that’s better. I want to see where I’m going.”  I looked up at his face and it really was transformed from the Fred I knew.  The naive  and cheerful … Continue reading


I have had many people ask me if Mackenzie, the main character in Sizzle, is based on a real person.  She is a fictional character but has bits and pieces of many different women I have worked with over the … Continue reading

Tuesday quote of the day

“No, I live in Germany.  I’ve just been here for three months doing an internship with the German consulate’s office.”  The tone was husky, deep in the throat, and came slowly swirling out like the steam from a big cup … Continue reading

Saturday Sex Tip

Try playing with your food. Put together a plate of 4 or 5 tasty foods your partner likes.  Make sure they not only taste different but have different textures. Smooth and juicy pear, soft baguette center dipped in olive oil, … Continue reading

Saturday Sex Tip

Set up a treasure hunt! You’ll need to plan ahead but it’ll be worth it. Pick a place like a park or pretty open space not too far from your home.  Prepare 8-10 items of yours your partner will recognize … Continue reading

My Tuesday Read

Here’s a quote from Susan Minot‘s Rapture. “She liked how, by simply holding it, she could feel it grow, like a plant, slowly filling her palm, becoming bigger than it seemed it was going to.  Then it would lose its … Continue reading

Quote from Sizzle

Here is a small excerpt from my book Sizzle. I had plunked down on the edge of the bed, sitting with my legs crossed.  I was wearing a short pink sundress with thin straps and sandals.  My dress unbuttoned down … Continue reading

Motivational Monday – Health and Fitness

An interesting fact from the 1500’s: Baths consisted of a big tub filled with hot water.  The man of the house had the privilege of the nice clean water, then one by one the sons bathed, then the other men … Continue reading